7 Dec

Man, I feel this way all the time. Like the whole world is on pause and the time is moving so slowly in that moment someone finds out something you said about them. its so deep and dark. the secret makes you want to throw up. but you finally tell your friend what you did, and suddenly there is nothing left to say and no where to go. and we both sat in shame of that day. in shame of what we did. but man, what a relieve to finally get that shit out!

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Facing the wall,

On the edge of tears,

Only her shoulders speak.

Her right foot times the tension

Of the moment

In strained silence.

Across the way,

A friend, an adversary

Sits in shamed symmetry.

Her chin takes refuge 

In her hand-

A hand that can’t contain the anger, the embarrassment, the fear.

A hand that hides the mouth that spoke too freely,

But now says nothing.

Resolution was published by the online magazine, “Apollo’s Lyre” in its March 2011 edition and can be found archived at: http://apollos-lyre.tripod.com/

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6 Dec



its interesting to sit here and think that i am heart broken. really, it is my fault. i was the one who wished that he would fall for me and when he finally did, i was the one who complained. this isnt the first time and it may not be the lat time. but i am willing to try to make my life better than it was.

He told me that he loved me over and over again, and yet now where is he? he claims we are still friends but he dates this Emm girl now. I say i am okay over and over agian. and maybe i will be one day but i’m not okay now. he hurt me. he hurt me bad. she hurt me too. who asks a girl about if its okay if they date someone you are still not over??? did she really think…

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Local Student Finalist In National Anti-Bullying Contest

6 Dec

CBS St. Louis

WILDWOOD, Mo. (KMOX) –  An 8th-grader at Wildwood Middle School literally put everything she had into a song and video she produced for a national contest promoting bully-free schools.

13-year-old Ellie Bennett, daughter of Debbie and Dennis Bennett, produced the video “Break the Chain” after writing and recording the song and producing all of the artwork seen in the minute-long video.

She then submitted her entry to the national contest with the encouragement of Karen Schulz, her academic stretch teacher at WMS.

“I sometimes think that kids believe they can’t change the world,” Schulz told KMOX News. “And I tell them you don’t have to change the world. If you can touch just one life and make a difference to one person, then you’re life has been successful.”

Now all of that encouragment and all of Ellie’s talent and hard work have paid off.

Her video has been selected as…

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Beat the crap out of bullying (the EXTREME guide – when all else has failed)

6 Dec

Rebel Youth NZ

There are many reasons why people bully – they like the feeling of being in control, they like to feel powerful, they want to look kool in front of others, they are jealous but the main reason is they are assholes.

Bullying can interfere with your school work and school attendance. A lot of teens give up their right to do well in school and get their qualifications just so they can avoid getting bullied. That’s a pretty big and important thing to give up right?

So you have read Rebel Youth’s guide on ‘How to punch bullying hard in the mouth (the practical guide to getting help)’, you have informed adult’s about what’s been going on, you have been to talk to your school counsellor but the response you got by the adults you spoke with was ‘just ignore it’. Or maybe an adult spoke to the bullies and…

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Hello world!

6 Dec