Beat the crap out of bullying (the EXTREME guide – when all else has failed)

6 Dec

Rebel Youth NZ

There are many reasons why people bully – they like the feeling of being in control, they like to feel powerful, they want to look kool in front of others, they are jealous but the main reason is they are assholes.

Bullying can interfere with your school work and school attendance. A lot of teens give up their right to do well in school and get their qualifications just so they can avoid getting bullied. That’s a pretty big and important thing to give up right?

So you have read Rebel Youth’s guide on ‘How to punch bullying hard in the mouth (the practical guide to getting help)’, you have informed adult’s about what’s been going on, you have been to talk to your school counsellor but the response you got by the adults you spoke with was ‘just ignore it’. Or maybe an adult spoke to the bullies and…

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